New Method of Voting for Homecoming Court a Massive Success

Kylie Yamada, Staff Writer

Starting with the 2017-2018 Homecoming Court, ASB has decided to use a new tool for deciding the court and crowning our King and Queen: the Goblet of Fire.

The new Goblet is intended to secure the voting process and keep the results secret for as long as possible.

Previously, voting for Homecoming was done entirely on paper.  Students would submit their choices of court in class and vote for the winners at lunchtime with an ID card.

Now, in a new age of technology, Bear Creek can finally ensure the utmost security for Homecoming Court.  As a new experiment, the Goblet was an inspired choice beloved primarily by Harry Potter nerds.  Everyone else was mostly confused.

With the Goblet, students would submit their top three choices each for king and queen on six different scraps of paper.  An age line was drawn to prevent anybody not enrolled at Bear Creek from voting; it also served as a precautionary measure against anyone trying to vote multiple times.

After the court was announced, the Goblet was refreshed to accommodate people voting for their King and Queen.  Instead of six pieces of paper, students were only allowed to submit two pieces of paper each in this round.

In each round, the Goblet keeps track of the people with the highest number of votes and expels pieces of paper, one at a time, at precisely 2:00 P.M.  ASB then collects and announces each candidate, as well as the eventual King and Queen.

During Friday at the Homecoming game, the Goblet spat out two names on scraps of paper: TALENA VO and RANDY CABRAL. Congratulations to the lucky new King and Queen!