What do people assume about you?

Kyle Fry, Staff Writer

Garrett Mandujan- Freshman

“I’m always wearing my Ports hat around school… people can think that I have bad hair, I just really like my hat.  People also always compare me to my brother, he left last year… I guess there’s a connection to your siblings that won’t go away.”

Vennis Tinaco- Senior

“I think it’s pretty well known that I’ve always been in a lot of high [level] math classes… friends and other people always look to me for help with anything math-related… it’s not like I’m that good at math or teaching people, they just think I am.”

Ethan McLaughlin- Sophomore

“Well there’s a certain characteristic that goes around the water polo team that we’re all white… it can lead to people always thinking that I’m white privileged… I get that a lot when I’m in my lower level classes.  I don’t like it when people think that about my personality.