Do You Associate With Your Zodiac Sign?

Kaylanie Saldua, Staff Writer

“No, I do not associate with my zodiac sign. We are just all human beings and of course we are going to have similar characteristics.” – Rome Roxas, Senior

“No, I don’t,it’s just not that important. It’s just me, I am me. I am not based off just a sign.” – Ryley Donato, Junior

“Yes, I do associate with my zodiac because people who come up with the signs are coincidentally correct all the time. It’s kind of freaky.” – Elliot Fry, Freshman

“I do not but I can see why people would, especially with compatibility and how certain people work well with others based their on signs.” – Justine Yadao, Senior

“Yes, even though it’s kind of fake, it’s super relatable and accurate. It’s too crazy to put into words.” – Amanda Perez, Junior