From Hollywood to Washington — sexual predators abound from both political parties (Republican View)


Gwen Poole, Staff Writer

Despite NBC’s attempt at concealing the truth, on October 10, Ronan Farrow published a story in “The New York Times” exposing Harvey Weinstein’s years of sexual harassment and rape.  Over 82 women have come forward describing horrifying incidents in which the movie mogul used his position to force himself upon them.
It’s interesting to note that while Weinstein has been condemned by many in Hollywood and the political sphere, his ties to Democratic counterparts has become a whole separate scandal in itself.
Weinstein is a large supporter and friend to both the Clintons and Obamas.  He contributes huge sums of money to the Clinton Foundation and even gave one of Obama’s daughters an internship at his production company, The Weinstein Company.
The Clinton Foundation has no plans to return up to $250,000 in contributions from Harvey Weinstein,saying the money was a donation used to fund charitable programs.
Many actors and actresses have come forward to say that Weinstein’s conduct was well-known in the industry, yet no one did anything to investigate.
How interesting for decades celebrities like Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein got away with committing such violent crimes in an industry that prides itself on supporting women’s rights.
It’s become apparent that many Americans are wondering where the outcry is from Hillary Clinton, a supposedly fierce advocate of women’s rights, about sexual assault instead of the one-time comment she made about being “shocked”  at Weinstein’s actions.  This reaction oddly mirrors Clinton’s reaction to her own husband’s sexual assault scandal during his presidency and her response to other accused men who work closely with her, such as Anthony Weiner, the husband of Huma Abedin, the vice chair of Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign
While both political parties have had their fair share of sexual predators, Democrats like Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein and, most famously, Bill Clinton, always seem to get off easily in comparison.  GOP affiliates like Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes were immediately met with backlash from the leftists and fired from their positions.  Weiner, who is finally serving 21 months for sexting photos of himself to a minor, had several prior sexual scandals during his campaigns and Bill Clinton during his presidency.
It’s sickening that there’s such a double standard when it comes to friends of Democrats.  Weinstein, who is expected to be charged any day now, is only thought of as sick and received no condemnation from his political affiliates until weeks after the story broke.
Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of raping more than a dozen men, decided to come out as homosexual when met with the allegations.  As a result, liberals and the LGBTQ community were more upset about his use of coming out to deflect attention than they were about Spacey’s actual misconduct.
Here, all three men held positions of power at the time of their incidents, and yet Donald Trump received more criticism and news coverage.
It’s time for the left to recognize their faults.  Democrats need to acknowledge and condemn the criminals in their own party as equally as they do to others for the very same crimes.