The Queen of Pop has earned her ‘Reputation’

Lily Tran, Feature Editor

“The drought was the very worst,” begins the last song of Taylor Swift’s last album “1989.” After waiting a three-year long drought for new music, Taylor Swift has finally released her sixth studio album “Reputation.”

2016 was a year full of drama and betrayal for the singer and led to Swift taking a year-long break from music and from the social life of being the biggest pop star.

From high-profile boyfriends and breakups to reignited feuds with other celebrities, the media took to calling Swift a snake, starting trending hashtags like #TaylorSwiftisOverParty and #TaylorSwiftisDead and crowning her in a ring of hate and distrust.
Swift broke years of tradition of releasing new music every two years that started in 2006 with her self-titled album “Taylor Swift,” followed by “Fearless” in 2008, “Speak Now” in 2010, “Red” in 2012, and “1989” in 2014.

On November 10, 2017, Swift released her most profound, honest and satisfying record to date. “Reputation” certainly does not disappoint.

The 27-year-old singer has found and accepted herself. The 15 songs featured on the album lets the world know that she has been burned but she came out of the fire stronger, sure of herself and confident. Not only has Swift found herself, she also found happiness and love.

Swift reaffirms her position as the Queen of Pop with a strong delivery of clever lyrics and masterful musical accompaniment. She has a new electro-pop sound but skillfully weaves in her usual emotional tunes. The album is a tasteful mix of love ballads and power anthems.

The strategic placement of the songs in the track list makes the album so much more powerful. The record starts off hard and strong and vengeful with songs like “I Did Something Bad,” “Don’t Blame Me” and “Look What You Made Me Do” that prove how well Swift’s new sound suits her.

The middle of the record transitions into an intense and passionate tone with tracks like “Getaway Car,” “King of My Heart” and “Dress.” These songs provide a more mature perspective on love that was not fully realized in her previous albums.

Finally, “Reputation” finishes off reminiscent and exuberant with songs like “Call It What You Want” and “New Year’s Day” that reminds fans that the old Taylor is still alive, breathing and thriving.

Swift’s sixth studio album is entirely unapologetic, empowering and honest. It’s full of love and healing and happiness. All in all, “Reputation” is truly everything fans have been waiting for.