Dear Santa

Alex Rubio, Student

I have been a good boy all year; so let’s make a deal.  All I want this year is to pass the European History Exam.  I’m not asking for you to get me a Nintendo Switch or front row tickets to a BTS concert, I just want to pass the European History Exam in order for my mental health to improve.  I do not ask for a 5, nor a 4, a 3 would be fantastic! I am suffering, please save me. Please save my mental health, everytime I see my Euro grade it makes me want to live a little less.  I need to pass that test so I can have that crispy A, and so that I do not cry myself to sleep over my B.  I also want the new Star Wars movie not to ruin the whole franchise.  I don’t want of that “Luke joins the dark side” nonsense, and we better find out who Rey’s parents are because other wise I’m going to flip out.  Finally, please bring Carrie Fisher back from the dead and bless our world with a new 2NE1 album.  On a serious note, maybe bring peace to the world, even though the world may be a messed up please, make people see the good in the world.  Also please do not let net neutrality be abolished, that would be a crime against freedom of speech.  Oh and lift the ban on Kinder surprise eggs, because those are extremely good.