Dear Santa Letter

Robert Robinson, Student

For this Christmas I want to know why you hate her. She has written to you for years and years, yet she hasn’t gotten any presents at all. Every year she has put a little tree in her room, in the corner where nobody will see because if her parents found it they’d yell at her, but every Christmas morning there is nothing. All the other kids at school talk about the presents you gave them: from bikes to guitars, from balls to playstations, you seem to get them everything, but Santa, these kids are not good. They pick on her Santa; they call her names and don’t let her play with them. Just the other day someone threw a ball at her head while she wasn’t looking, a ball that you probably gave them. You see everything, right? So, why do they get presents and she doesn’t? She’s been good Santa. You know that. She is not mean like those kids, but every Christmas I look out my window and see these kids that are mean to her playing outside with their new toys while their parents stand on the porch watching and smiling, yet she sits inside with nothing but her parents yelling. Even her parents are mean to her. They hit her and yell at her and break her stuff, but she never talks back or tries to hit them. I don’t understand, Santa. What did she do wrong? Please Santa, I just want something to make her smile, because it’s been so long since I’ve seen her smile, or something that will make her feel safe because no matter where she goes… she always looks scared. A teddy bear, a book, or even some socks would be nice. Just anything to make this Christmas better for her. She must feel so lonely everyday, and she just needs something to make her feel happy and any present from you could do it, Santa. So pretty please Santa, come to her house this year and give her something. Christmas is about giving, so I want to you to give her some joy when she seems so devoid of any.

Merry Christmas,