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Dear Santa

Gabriella Backus, Student

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Hi there. It’s me again, Santa, it’s Gabriellayou hear from me every year.  And every year, I ask for something materialistic.  Something you can buy at a store, something you pay for, something your elves can make.  But really, I don’t think my life is drastically improved by a new phone, or new art supplies, or new clothes.  I have so much clothing I need two wardrobes and a full closet to fit it all.  My phone is somewhat old, but at its core it still does what I need it to do most: communicate and procrastinate.  I would enjoy some art supplies, but I think I can make do with some cheap Target-brand stuff.  I doubt Vincent Van Gogh could afford Copics, either.  

I think what I would really like is the knowledge, with absolute certainty, that I’ll be happy.  And I don’t mean the half-assed promise that I’ll work endlessly my whole life only to be rewarded by five years of retirement in which I worry constantly about death and my failing hip.  I don’t need to know how I find happiness, either.  I just want to be reassured that, as I grow older, I’ll have a sound enough mind to find excitement in the little things in life.  Kind of like Jim from “The Office.”  Even though he works a dead-end job, he still finds entertainment in those small humorous or loving moments. Small amounts of joy spread out daily over my whole life.  Maybe one day I’ll get a horrible score on a test in college, but you’ll remind me that even though I made some mistakes, I understand the material better than I did last week.  Maybe I’ll be filing for bankruptcy after my company collapses, but I’ll remember that I’m only thirty-five and money isn’t the end of everything and that I still have a house and my cat’s still alive and that the people dear to me still love me.

Can you make that wish come true?



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Gabriella Backus, Editor-in-Chief, Retired Online-Editor-In-Chief, Staff Writer

I'm interested in any type of art, so my hobby is creating art.  I'm the president of Red Cross and Art Club.  I've been in journalism for three years;...

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Dear Santa