Netflix’s Binge-Worthiest Shows

Lily Tran, Writer

Netflix is always ripe with a diverse and interesting variety of TV shows.  With a plethora of genres and hundred of series to choose from, sometimes, making a choice of what to watch next is a painful process of elimination.  Thankfully, the binge-worthy shows stick out to reveal their entertaining glory.

With two Golden Globe nominations at the 2018 award show, “Stranger Things” is a hot and trending show to binge on a weekend.  The two seasons of 13 episodes each feature four awkward and nerdy teenage boys, a multitude of kick-butt female characters, and a whole lot of supernatural monsters from an alternate universe.

A six-season long mystery, cliche teenage drama, romance, mean girls and social-class battle dominate the popular show “Gossip Girls.”  This series is the perfect binge-watch for those searching for an inside look into the glamorous and treacherous lives of the elite social class.  It’s full of large character arcs, betrayal, heartbreak and fairy-tales come true.

For those just looking for a bit of laughs and fun, “FRIENDS” is the perfect comedic series to binge.  The sitcom includes 10 seasons of adults in their 20s and 30s experiencing life mishaps, enjoying life-long friendships and stumbling through tumultuous relationships.  This show touches on the ups and downs of early adult life and includes stupid, crazy, rich, poor, ambitious and hilarious characters.  

“Black Mirror” is consumed with many could-be/future scenarios or ideas of how society would evolve.  The show is a big traumatizing, stomach-clenching, awakening, horrifying slap to the face.  Every episode is a new world, ensuring that audiences are kept on their toes, never able to guess what aspect of today’s society could possibly be next to scrutinize and criticize.

“The 100” is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi dystopia that begins with the toxification of Earth as a result of nuclear warfare.  A handful of teenagers are thrust into the unfamiliar Earth to survive on their own.  It’s gruesome and filled with death left and right.  It forces people to be the worst and best versions of themselves.  It leaves out mercy and brings much blood—a perfect binge-watch for unexpected and action junkie.