Winterfest Court Couples: Erin Baquiran and Jordan Harris

Gabriella Backus, Co-Editor in Chief

Erin Baquiran

Erin Baquiran is not 12 I swear… she is hoping to get into UC Irvine or UCLA  to study towards becoming an engineer.

You might have heard of Emanate, which is Erin’s brand with her own artwork that donates portions of the proceeds to the Reach Out Worldwide Foundation. She started creating her art

She is also the beatboxing president of Bearitones. She created Bearitones in her sophomore year, inspired by her friend VJ Rosales from the Filharmonic.

Erin is a 3-year varsity volleyball player and was The Stockton Record’s Athlete of the week last school year. Volleyball is her favorite sport, though she played on the Varsity basketball team throughout her sophomore and junior year.

Erin is the ASB Commissioner of Public Relations, in charge of running the blood drives, and other community services She has been involved in theater for the past three years playing roles like Doody in Grease. Her love of music doesn’t stop at theater, she writes her own songs. Erin wrote a song last year, that won 2nd place at the Make a Wish talent show. She is also part of JCKC, VEX Robotics, and Science Olympiad. She currently works at Gymstars as a coach.

Erin wants to give a shout out to her best friend Kayla, Jeanelle, Spencer, T-K-F-M-F, and her teachers and coach Kirk and say a giant “THANK YOU” for everything you’ve done to help her grow. And to say an I miss you to her old friend Malaysia Porter and her late grandmother  who impacted her life in so many positive ways. Finally an I LOVE YOU to her whole family for supporting her and telling her to “keep moving forward.” Thank you to her mom, Ethel, her dad, Radji, her sister, Riley, and her brother, Ethan.


Jordan Harris

Jordan’s proudest accomplishments in high school are receiving that field mvp in his sophomore on the track and field team, becoming the treasurer for Swing Club, and successfully balancing all of his classes, clubs, and his friends.

He also participates in Red Cross Club and Cross Country during his time in high school. Jordan’s favorite highschool memory was being able to meet so many new people which helped shaped him into the person that his is now. His plans after highschool are to attend his first two years of college at Delta and transfer to Uop to work on becoming a nurse practitioner.

His biggest fear is losing the people that he loves and the possibility of losing most of his friend once highschool is over. His biggest dream is to live a life of happiness with the people that he loves and to travel the world.

His favorite season is winter because it’s generally a time where families and friends can come together and enjoy themselves and the time where I make amazing memories at Christmas parties with The Gang and the people that he loves.