Winterfest Court Couples: Kelly Huynh and Rajan Nathaniel

Gabi Backus, Co-Editor in Chief

Kelly Huynh

My proudest accomplishments in high school includes passing classes that stressed me out like chemistry and APUSH, getting straight A’s for a semester that pushed me to my limit, getting an A in Mrs. Duffel’s class second semester sophomore year, and doing the moves wrap around and handstand in Swing club. I am also proud of finding the confidence in myself that I never thought I had.

I’m involved in Pets N Pals Club, Red Cross Club, CSF, Swing Club, and Vietnamese Club.

My favorite high school memories are dressing up for the spirit weeks, dancing in the Winterfest and International rallies and meeting the people who I look forward to seeing everyday at school because they make me laugh.

After high school, I plan to go to a four-year college and hopefully find a job that allows me to support my family and I. I also plan to travel the world as much as I can while living my best life.

My biggest fear is failing not only myself but the people who believed in me. I also fear spiders and tight spaces. My dream as of right now is to travel and explore the world and eat as many different types of food as I can.

Shoutout to Mom and Dad for raising me to be the best version of myself, my siblings for being my lifelong friends, the asian table for being my second family, my friends for always believing in me and lastly Helen, for always being there for me.

After high school, Kelly is planning to go to a four-year college. She also hopes to travel the world and eat all different types of food. Her favorite high school memories are meeting the people that make her laugh everyday and dressing up for spirit weeks. Kelly would like to give a shoutout to all her friends; her sister, Sally; the asian table; her family and most importantly, all her teachers for shaping her to be the wonderful person she is today.


Rajan Nathaniel

Rajan Nathaniel, ASB President and Lodi Unified School District Board Member, is an advocate of change. From leading various committees and clubs to collaborating with administrators and participating in varsity sports, Rajan’s number one objective is to elevate Bear Creek High School’s persona and academic record. In addition to his strong academic record, Rajan participated in three sports while at Bear Creek — Basketball, Track and Field, and Football. Although Rajan has received numerous athletic awards, he is most proud of receiving the 2017 SJAA Punter of the Year Award. Rajan currently has two offers to kick and punt at the collegiate level but will decline in order to pursue his dream of becoming a physician. Maintaining a GPA of 4.5, Rajan and his girlfriend Britney Vu are currently on the pathway to becoming two of the youngest doctors in the nation.

Practicing medicine has always been Rajan’s lifelong dream. Pursuing an M.D degree is a small component to a larger vision regarding what Rajan wishes to dedicate his entire life to: giving hope and bringing reconciliation to the broken spirits of his patients. His passion for helping others is something he holds dear to him; a generous heart who can feel what others feel by simply hearing their stories. This passion is what drives Rajan, what makes him who he is, and who he wants to become. His favorite high school memory is interacting with each and everyone on this campus as it molded him into the community leader he is today. His closest friends allowed him to broaden his perspective and provided him with the tools to discover his untapped potential. Rajan is devout in his Christian faith. He gives all glory to his lord and savior Jesus Christ because without him he is nothing. Ultimately, he would like to start a program for aspiring Christian doctors to aid them through their medical journey. Rajan would like to give a shoutout to his Student Government family, his passionate teachers, his supportive parents Billy and Sharmila, his prodigious brother Ravi, and his brilliant girlfriend Britney.