Winterfest Court Couples: Kate Lagera and William Jacob Fry

Gabi Backus, Co-Editor in Chief

Kate Lagera

Going into my final year at Bear Creek, everything has felt so bittersweet. As a district transfer, I was so shocked by the kindness and welcoming arms I received so early on in my high school career. I was fortunate enough to meet amazing people and create lifelong friendships. I owe a lot of my most memorable moments of high school to joining Kababayan Club at the beginning of my freshman year. I literally danced out of my shell. Through Kaba, I learned the importance of family, friendship, and the lengths of passion and dedication. I could literally go on and on… but I’m pretty sure I just did.

My favorite high school memory has got to be winning first place at the 2017 Kilusan High School Picnic alongside my Kababayan family. Words cannot describe how proud I was to represent Bear Creek at my last Kilusan. For those who aren’t familiar with what Kilusan High School Picnic is or what it aims to achieve, this event is held by Kilusan Pilipino of the University of the Pacific in celebration of people coming together to appreciate Filipino culture and performing arts. It’s really awesome and I highly recommend that you go this year!!

Alongside being President of Kababayan Club I am also the ASB Treasurer on campus. With my experiences in Student Government, I feel like I have finally found some way to give back to the school and community that has shaped the path of my future and ambitions.

I hope to attend Dominican University of California next fall, majoring in Biological Sciences. I always thought I wanted to go to southern California for college, but I think staying in NorCal is definitely a must. I think the Bay Area serves as that happy medium where I’ll be able to grow as my own person, yet be just right there whenever my family needs me.

I aspire to be a Pediatric Endocrinologist in the future. Over the summer, I was so fortunate to be a part of Decision Medicine, a program coordinated by the San Joaquin Medical Society for high school students to learn more about what it’s like to be a doctor and steps are necessary in achieving their dreams. My dream is to help people. I don’t necessarily have to be a doctor to help people (but it would be pretty cool to do both at the same time).

Ultimately, my proud accomplishments include being interesting enough to have the amazing people in my life right now. I can’t thank them enough for taking me in as their own and making me feel like I belong.

I’d like to thank my amazing family, friends, advisors, and teachers who have shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for all the smiles and genuine memories.

Shoutout to my dog Cassie for being the best listener in the entire world.


William Jacob Fry

My four years at Bear Creek High School has been nothing but memorable for me. The twists and turns and ups and downs have all been crucial moments to the person I am today. One of the biggest defining moments of my life at Bear Creek would be being voted in as Senior Class President. This position has given me the ability to test my own limits and abilities as well as giving me the opportunity to learn more about myself.  

In addition to Student Government I am involved in a couple other after school activities including Key Club, Kababayan Club,  Swing Club, Film Club, Interact Club, Link Crew, Punjabi Club, Vietnamese Club, NHS, and CSF. Although the amount of things I do outside of school sounds daunting, the caliber of activities has been able to create efficient habits of time management and organization for myself. Although none of these activities would be enjoyable without the people who embody the clubs including some of the people I hold dearest to my heart including Julian Berndo, Kate Lagera, Andrea Silveira, Catherine Morelli, Rashad Lazkani, and Spencer Fulgham have not only made every moment of my high school career splendid, but has also shaped me into who I am today. Without Julian, Spencer, and Kate I wouldn’t have ever pushed the limits of my academic and leadership abilities and without Andrea and Catherine I wouldn’t have been able to survive the emotional hardships that come with the taxing pressures of student leadership.

High School has helped me learn so much about myself and others and I cannot wait to grow more throughout my college and professional life. I hope to go to CSU Fullerton to major in Biology and minor in Business. I then hope to become certified as an EMT to help me pay my way through medical school to obtain a doctorate Medicine and then get a residency in both internal medicine and emergency medicine. I hope to someday work in the UC Davis Medical Center as a Doctor of Internal and Emergency Medicine. In the end, becoming a doctor, pushing my limits in student government, and overflowing my schedule is not only to better myself, but to follow my one motto “non nobis solum nati sumus.”