Winterfest Court Couples: Nicole Lam and Marino Dominguez

Gabi Backus, Co-Editor in Chief

Nicole Lam

Nicole is known as the “mother” friend in her group. She is the younger of two girls, and she owns a small chorkie mix named, Chika. Her favorite season is autumn because of the nice weather and fresh produce. Her dream is to teach others passion for science a there is always something to discover and learn.

Nicole has an overall weighted GPA of 4.48. So far, she has completed 6 different AP courses between freshman and junior year and passed all 6 AP tests. Her proudest accomplishment in high school was getting a 5 on the AP Calc AB test last school year.

Aside from regular academics, Nicole has done a lot. Freshman and Sophomore year she played basketball on Freshman and JV respectively. Sophomore year and Junior year she played Tennis; she quit both sports due to injuries. She has been an active member in JCKC (Japanese Chinese Korean Club) since Freshman Year when her sister was president and has been president for the past 2 years. Nicole’s favorite high school memory is International rally 2015; it was the first time she saw the effort she put into JCKC pay off. Each year, Nicole looks forward to International Rally for the same reason despite the stress and more responsibility she has in the club. Outside of school, she is the president of the Young Buddhist Association at the Buddhist Church of Stockton.

After high school, Nicole will pursue a chemistry degree at Sac State. Her hope is to apply for a teaching credential after graduating with the hopes of teaching chemistry to high schoolers. Nicole believes that by becoming a chemistry teacher she could spark students’ interest in the sciences. She says that by teaching she does not have to be the next great scientist and can teach the next great scientist what they need to know.

Nicole would like to give a shout out to her fellow JCKC members for dealing with her madness at practice, her JCKC VP Angie for always supporting her, Angela for sticking with her since kindergarten, and her teachers for guiding her to where she is today.


Marino Dominguez