Netflix Binge-Watch Suggestions

Netflix is always the best place to find TV shows or movies to watch.  With the countless options of what to view on Netflix, binge-watching quickly becomes a pasttime.  

With 5 seasons, “Bates Motel” is a psychological drama that hooks viewers in.  The show is based off of “Psycho” and follows the life of Norman Bates before he became a serial killer.  Each season is filled with suspense and plot twists that leave viewers reeling while steadily showing the deterioration of the young Bates’ mental stability.

“Shameless” chronicles the struggles and dysfunctional lives of the Gallagher family.   Each episode dramatizes personal issues for comedic effect. The first eight seasons follow an overarching storyline that make for a hilariously crass satire on the lower class.

For people looking for a more relaxing show, “The Office” is a show to guarantee laughter. All nine seasons of this iconic sitcom follows the lives of workers at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.  The overexaggerated plot lines heighten the humorous aspects of the show.

Crime shows are in abundance.  “Bones” highlights the influence of science in solving crimes.  Each season is more gory than the last, making it a dream come true for binge watchers obsessed with criminal activity.