Take advantage of outdoors in San Joaquin county

Stockton surounded by majestic mountains, gleaming lakes and miles of bike trails

Gwendolyn Poole, Photography Editor

Mission Peak
Mission Peak Regional Preserve is located in Fremont and is a popular hiking destination for people of all ages who enjoy strenuous trails.  The hike to the summit, lined with cattle-grazing farmland, is approximately 6.2 miles and is available year-round to people and their dogs.  Parking is free but limited.
Mount Diablo
A dominant topographic feature in Northern California, Mount Diablo is a popular and scenic hiking location.  Located in Walnut Creek, the park has many picturesque and prime hiking locations, including a waterfall, numerous trails and a summit overlooking the whole valley.  There is a $5.00 vehicle fee for day users.
Cosumnes River Preserve
Located on the outskirts of Galt, Cosumnes River Preserve consists of over 50,000 acres of hikeable trails and is famous for being home to the Sandhill Cranes, among other various waterfowl.  Hunting and fishing are allowed on the river and in the sloughs, but hunters and fishermen must stay in their boats.  Parking is free and there is a recreation center available for browsing.
Lodi Lake
Perhaps the closest available outdoor location, Lodi Lake provides a prime location for relaxing water activities and hiking trails.  Available to users is kayaking, paddle boarding, grassy picnic space, and a beach area ideal for a variety of outdoors-loving people.  Vehicle prices are $5.00 for non-residents and $4.00 for residents.
 Lake Camanche
Lake Camanche, located in the Valley Springs and Ione area, is an award-winning scenic lake that provides a year round variety of outdoor activities including fishing, camping, boating and hiking.  With 54 miles of shoreline and 7,700 surface acres of water, Camanche is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors or who just simply want a weekend getaway.  Prices vary for different activities.
West Side Rails
For cyclists who love scenic routes, West Side Rails is a portion of the Stanislaus National Forest located in Tuolumne County.  This biking trail consists of a crushed stone-and-dirt path that runs alongside more than 70 miles of mainline railroad track that was constructed in the early 20th century.  The biking trail is 5.5 miles long and is freely open to all.