Aspiring filmmaker’s script to be shot in Stockton

Alumnus Dalin Nelson’s script ‘55 Years’ will premiere at 2nd annual Violette Film Festival in Merced


Serra Raquel, Entertainment Editor

Participation in theatre is a popular activity at Bear Creek, but most students don’t pursue it — on stage or the big screen — as a career.
Bear Creek alumnus Dalin Nelson, who currently attends Columbia College Chicago as a film major, hopes to follow his dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

“The most amazing thing about my major is that I’m pursuing my dream and doing what I love,” Nelson said. “I couldn’t imagine being 60 years old and looking back wondering what would’ve happened if I had decided to go for it.”

Nelson is currently learning a wide variety of aspects that go into cinema arts.

“Whether that be how to direct an actor, draw emotion through an edit or operate a boom mic, I’m learning so much and I’m excited about all of it,” Nelson said.

Nelson is taking advantage of opportunities outside of his school as well. Nelson entered a script he wrote into a contest for the chance for it to be filmed and produced.

Nelson’s script, “55 Years” was selected to be filmed and produced by HangTime Studios. Nelson received a $100 Amazon gift card and writing credit. Scenes for the film will be shot in Stockton throughout May. The film will premiere at the 2nd annual Violette Film Festival in Merced.

Outside of writing, Nelson has directed two short films this year and is currently working as an Assistant Director for another short film.
Nelson’s involvement in filmmaking has shown him that there are many opportunities available for aspiring filmmakers.

“There are so many different roles that need to be filled,” Nelson said. “Think about all the names in the credits at the end of a movie. Producers want to find people to work on their film just as badly as I want to work on a film.”

Nelson isn’t the only one interested in film. Bear Creek alumnus Gian Carlo Baldonado was president of Bear Creek’s Film club last year.

At Bear Creek’s 2017 International Rally, Baldonado’s film “Welcome to Bear Creek High School — Home of the Bruins” was showcased. The video now has over 5,000 views on Youtube.

Baldonado was involved in other film club projects, such as the horror short film for Bear Creek’s haunted campus event in October of 2016.
Baldonado is currently attending San Francisco State University as a computer engineering major with a minor in cinema. Last semester Baldonado took the classes Ancient World in Cinema and Contemporary Cinema.

“These are classes that exposed me to a good variety of films, chosen for their exemplary or inadequate demonstrations of the cinema concepts we talked about that week — like for example, mise-en-scènes (the arrangement of the set), camera angles, composition, and more,” Baldonado said.
Studying film in college isn’t all about getting behind the camera to film a project. Much of the learning comes from class presentations and film watching.

“While I was dejected that I didn’t get to do any hands-on projects in these classes, I noticed that first year cinema classes are meant to be more of an exposure to different films and cine concepts rather than diving into actual filmmaking because the University requires all majors and minors to take these pre-requisite classes the first year before getting into film projects,” Baldonado said.

At San Francisco State University, first-year students also have the option of joining a cinema fraternity or organization to collaborate with other students on film projects.