My dear valentine…


Helen Le, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Valentine,

My New Year’s resolution for 2018 was to have you. Sixteen years have come and gone now. Sixteen years without a single personalized card, box of chocolates or vase of flowers. (Hint: I like poppies the most.) I’ve been a bitter girl, a cynic of love — but that changes today.

Just this year, North and South Korea have united as one team for the Winter Olympic Games. If those two can get together for a temporary amount of time, I think we can, too. The year of 2018 certainly seems to be looking incredibly optimistic so far.

The holiday itself is the most romantic of the year, besides anniversaries, and they don’t count for us because we’re not even together yet. I’m looking forward to the meaning of the colors in the flowers that you buy, plus receiving some meaningful gift that you literally can’t buy. In return, I have my love for you. It’s been in stock for sixteen years, untouched.

Everyone knows the origin of soulmates (which we most certainly are, even if we just met), but almost nobody cares for the history of St. Valentine, Cupid himself. It’s said that he’s so charming, he made a blind girl fall in love with him. Wait, what?

No, really. St. Valentine was just a Christian priest during some Roman emperor’s reign, officiating marriages in secret. The emperor wasn’t pleased with that, so he sent Mr. Romeo to be executed. St. Valentine’s jailer found out he was educated and wanted the prisoner to teach his blind daughter, and then fate occurred. St. Valentine was still executed, but the girl had at least experienced some kind wisdom and love in her lifetime.

That… doesn’t sound very romantic, looking back on it. Somehow this holiday has contorted itself into one that emphasizes romantic love for two people. I think it’s just couples running away with the idea of their relationship being so special. It’s a day that isolates people like me. Not anymore, though! Since I have you now.

I do have one condition: I get to judge you on your performance as a valentine, and if you fail, then I get to reform you. You know, so I can prepare you for the next year. However, if you feel exhausted by your noble responsibility as my prince at any time during the day, you can switch out with one of your cute friends. I’ll make sure they get paid for their time; after all, I am not for free.

Cheers to an amazing day!