Letter to My Freshman Self: Lily Tran

Lily Tran, Editor

Dear Freshman Lily,
My, my, how time flies.  You’re about to graduate, Lily!  It’s been an interesting four years.  Of all the things I’ve learned over these four years, I’d say to expect the unexpected and keep an open mind.
You never expected to be involved in a million extracurricular activities and actually enjoy it.  From leading clubs and cheer to college classes, you rarely ever have a free day after school.  But you love every second of the unexpected things in high school.
Don’t fall for the pretense of prestige.  You may hate on the idea of staying home and attending Delta College for a while, but you’ll understand eventually.  It’s the more cost-efficient, faster, and smarter route. If all goes as planned, you’ll have a BSN in two-and-a-half years and you’ll have significantly less debt than your friends attending CSUs, UCs, and privates.
Sit down girl, be humble.  Sometimes you tend to brag or talk too much or whine and make a mountain out of a molehill.  You need to learn that it doesn’t make you seem cool — it makes you seem pretentious and annoying.  Just be chill and mellow and you’ll be just fine.
Continue to be you, Lily.  Confidence and kindness will never fail you on your journey.  You survived the real world by living in a fictional world, so keep on reading to your heart’s content.  Never regret choosing to take care of yourself over your friends.  Never regret wearing your Hogwarts uniform to a Muggle school and broadcasting your Gryffindor pride.  Every moment has led you on the path to success, and it’s truly bright.
Bask in the moments that leave you enchanted and wonderstruck.  For all the times that you made or lost a friend, or someone made you laugh or even smile, hold on.  Hold on to the memories and they will hold on to you.
And I will always hold on to the memory of you, freshman Lily.  I have so much hope for you.
Much Love,
A Graduating Senior, Lily Tran