After three-year hiatus, varsity boys basketball earns playoff spot

Lily Tran, Feature Editor

For the first time since 2015, the varsity boys basketball team is going to playoffs. The team is 9-0 in the SJAA league and 15-9 overall in their season, a stark difference from the low 3-7 SJAA record the boys obtained last season. Several factors contributed to their success.

“There’s a better chemistry with everyone on the team this year,” four-year player and senior Nick To. “Everyone has a good mentality.”

The team welcomed two underclassmen and many juniors onto the team this year that featured only two seniors.

“We had a lot of talent this year,” four-year player Jason Troike, a senior, said. “Two sophomores were a big help, honestly, and the juniors are one of the main reasons we’re doing so good.”

“All the new additions are the reason we’re doing better this year,” To said. “They add an athletic aspect to the game that we were lacking last year.”

Aside from the fresh talent, the boys say they put in a lot of work in their game. Both their lengthy, strenuous practices and their competitive matches in the pre-season and league allowed them to reach for success.

Although their their season did not start off as well as they would have hoped, the boys managed to reinvorgate their spirits to finish off the season strongly.

“In the beginning it was rough starting with our 2-8 record,” Troike said. “Something just clicked [afterward]. We pictured ourselves winning league. We went out, we put the work in and we did it.”