Spring sports highlights and wrap-up

Marino Dominguez and Helen Le

Swimming (8-0)

The Bear Creek boys and girls swim team swept the competition, winning league in undefeated fashion. Sophomore Eathan McLaughlin described the level of competition in SJAA.

“Our team compared to our league is really good, especially because the other schools in the league don’t have many people on their teams,” McLaughlin said.

The brotherhood leaves lasting memories with the swimmers, and the group of guys couldn’t be closer.

“We’re a big, dysfunctional family, and if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll have a great time with us,” McLaughlin said.


Track and Field (11-4)

Track and Field finished second in SJAA this year, going 11-4 in league. Junior Jafari Binder, a leader on the Track and Field team, described his reasons for his affinity for his sport.

“You get to travel California, and all of the experience you gain and the relationships you gain with both your team and even the competitors,” Binder said.

Track and Field, with many players in the program, allows for many life lessons to be taught.

“You learn discipline and hard work ethics [in Track and Field],” Binder said. “The whole experience is a learning experience.”


Badminton (9-1)

Girls Badminton knocked teams off the court, taking first in league. The team dynamic was what truly propelled this team, said senior Talena Vo, a three-year varsity badminton member.

“Every year we all bond easily and joke around, except for during a game, that’s when we focus and help each other out,” Vo said.

The girls also moved onto sections, winning the Sac-Joaquin Section Team championship two years in a row. But even if that doesn’t happen, Vo is content with the ending of a long lasting relationship with both badminton and her teammates.

“The end of the season was fun,” Vo said. “The competition was good and we improved as a team. The new friendships and bonds were great.”

The boys badminton finished 8-2 in SJAA this year, taking second in league. The boys are on a steady incline since last year, and look forward to a successful season next year.


Golf (14-1)

The boys golf team has once again defeated its competition in the SJAA league to win the championship for the third year in a row, going 14-1 in the regular season. The players were given a challenge from McNair, but the Bruins reigned victorious in the end.

The team has been under the guidance of Coach Anthony Sayhoun for the last two years. He credits their success to the players’ hard work, dedication and positive attitudes.

“I would like to tell them thank you for their commitment level and being able to go out their each day with a positive attitude,” Sayhoun said. “Golf’s a difficult game. It can be very humbling sometimes.”

The players also share strong bonds, which result in a team dynamic that encourages cooperation and high spirits.

“I love every single person on that team,” sophomore Danny Udermann said. “They’re all great, they’re all funny, they’re all really caring, they help each other. We’re like a family.”

Even though golf requires precision, technique and lots of practice, Coach Sayhoun and the team welcome any newcomers with patience and open arms.

“If you don’t have a lot of experience in golf, it’s okay,” Sayhoun said. “Now is the time to come out and try. We have golfers of all different ability levels. I’d encourage them if they’re interested to come talk to me next year, definitely let them come try out in February.”


Tennis (6-4)

The boys tennis team found themselves in 3rd place at the end of their league season, a feat for the very young team that has taken over the courts.

The players advanced to sections after the completion of their league season. Although they fell short of taking first place, the day was still memorable for them.

“The highlight of the season was eating at iHop after a devastating loss at sections,” junior Duc Nguyen said.

The tennis team sports many underclassmen players. One advantage of having a young team means that when seniors leave, the team remains strong.

“Fifty percent of our team is freshmen,” junior Angelo Bulahan said. “To get 3rd place with that many freshmen is honestly really good.”

Coach Gayle Litz has also powerfully influenced the team with her positivity.

“My coach is a very good role model, as she’s always there for each of us, every day, every game,” Bulahan said. “Besides being a tennis coach, she’s like a motherly figure.”

Tennis may not appear so physical and difficult of a sport to the average student, but players claim that it requires both the mind and physical strength to be successful. The tennis community is very friendly, however, and encourages any students who are interested to join.

“After two years of playing tennis, I still haven’t regretted the decision yet,” Nguyen said. “Tennis is fun and intense, in a way, and it opens up to new friendships and adventures.”