Much more than Nothing

Gavin Cardoza, Staff Writer

Their name may seem a little unorthodox at first, and their style of slow and loud melodies may be different from much of the music heard today, but start-up band Nothing is more than what their name implies.
The band’s genre, shoegazing (or shoegaze) is a subgenre of indie rock that emerged in the United Kingdom, sometime in the late 1980’s. The term was first coined by British music groups who kept their heads down because of the number of foot pedals they use. These pedals create a distorted guitar effect that adds loudness and complexity to the music.
Nothing formed in 2010 in Philadelphia, with its members consisting of frontman, co-singer and rhythm guitarist, Dominic Palermo; co-singer and lead guitarist Brandon Setta; bassist Aaron Heard; and drummer Kyle Kimball.
The members of the band are currently pretty lucky to not be in the mix of their former hardcore music communities. What makes it better for them now than before was what they would get themselves involved in.
One of these instances will be touched upon later, but the overall situations never ended on a good note. The weak at heart is not meant for these types of concerts. Even fans that may be used to that environment still walk out with a bruise or a broken bone. It’s the type of behavior you would expect from gangs, and not just in concerts or live performances, but in outside situations too.
Now the band is in a better, safer situation. After self-releasing two EPs (extended play) from 2011-2014, Nothing signed with major record label Relapse Records.
In 2014, the band released its first single “Dig” and their debut album “Guilty of Everything” soon after. They also began releasing music to online streaming services, such as Spotify. The group also reissued its second 2012 EP “Downward Years to Come,”
in 2014.
As far as studio buzz goes, 2015 was pretty quiet for the band. They spent most of the year touring, with the exception of joining a compilation album, multiple band tribute of grunge band Nirvana’s album “Nevermind.” Nothing contributed to the album with their own rendition of “Something in the Way,`’’ which showed a more mellow side of the band by introducing piano into their style.
The following year, Nothing went back to the studio to release the single “Vertigo Flowers,” which would later be featured on their second album, “Tired of Tomorrow.” The album was released May 13, 2016.
Out of all the group members, Palermo probably had the worst experience. Before the formation of “Nothing,” Palermo was part of hardcore band Horror Show, but he was eventually kicked out for aggravated assault and attempted murder charges. When he stabbed a man during a fight, Horror Show had to be put on complete hold. He spent two years in jail. Again, not the best idea to attend the concerts along with dangerous situations.
After being released from jail, Palermo fell in the darkest part of his life.
“I didn’t know what else to do with my life,” Palermo said in an interview with online forum Noisey. “I really struggled with that for like four years and, not to sound dramatic, but I thought about blowing my brains out every day.”
For the last two years, the band has focused on touring until most recently. Nothing quickly threw themselves back into the studio to serve up yet another album. They released two singles, “Zero Day” and “Blue Line Baby,” before releasing their new album “Dance on the Blacktop” on August 24 of this year.
The band has almost hit a decade of music and is currently back on tour. There aren’t a lot of bands like them today. Their genre of shoegaze has been long outdated since its origin and is only now becoming more relevant again. They present something original to fans. They are a shoegaze band but have their own personality that makes this genre their own. Nothing is unlike any other genres, artists, or bands in the industry today.