ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: football, water polo

Heidi Wright, Staff Writer

Gabe Shelton
Varsity football coach Reggie Camp is always keeping an eye out for boys capable of playing football. After Camp walked into a freshman P.E class and watched Gabriel Selton throw a football, he encouraged Shelton to try out for the team.
“Dang Gabe, you got an arm! Come out for football,” Shelton recalls Camp telling him. Shelton couldn’t say no.
Now a junior, Shelton is in his third year playing quarterback for the Bruins. The positive energy that the team gives off is his favorite part about football. The game, Shelton says, has also taught him how to be patient with others.
“I just have to remember that when we are practicing that everyone is learning, including me, so I have to be patient,” Shelton said.
Shelton admits that sometimes he still struggles with determining where each player is to run during a play.
“Each player runs their route because everyone runs differently and that is just something I have to continue to work on,” Shelton said.
But an area Shelton said he has improved in is reading the defense as he is trying to make a pass to his teammates. Last season, Shelton completed 17 passes and 10 touchdowns.
“I love the feeling of making a good pass; it makes me feel really good,” Shelton said.
Shelton said his greatest accomplishment and favorite memory is when he threw his first touchdown, a game-winning with a 20-yard pass to receiver Ethan George, against Chavez in his sophomore year to win the game. He hopes to play football in college because of how much fun he has playing the game. Last year football record: 3-7

Mia Sepulveda
Junior Mia Sepulveda became interested in water polo after watching a game in eighth grade. She had been swimming her entire life, so she thought she would try something new. In the four years she has played water polo, she has played the whole set position, averaging to about four goals per game last season.
She says the sport has taught her many lessons, such as being aggressive when she plays and learning how to work with others.
“I’ve been playing for a while now so I have good knowledge of the game, but when people who come out who have never played before it’s frustrating,” Sepulveda said. “I have to remind myself to be patient and that I have been in their position before.”
Sepulveda listens to loud music and calls her mom to motivate herself before a game. She says her greatest accomplishment is becoming team captain for the JV team in her sophomore year.
“Mia has a great attitude out at practice, and it makes her very coachable,” varsity water polo coach Michael Heberle said.
Her favorite memory was at a tournament her sophomore year.
“I scored about nine goals in that tournament and fell more in love with the game with every shot I made,” Sepulveda said.
Sepulveda plans to play at Delta for two years and then focus on school to get her degree at a four-year college. Last year water polo record: 12-0