Bear Creek welcomes new teacher with open arms

Bailey Kirkeby, Managing Editor, News Editor, Staff Writer

Upon graduating from her year-long teaching credential program, English 10 and 11 CP teacher Alissa Barbero instantly fell in love with Bear Creek and knew it was the right place for her to start her career as a teacher.
Born and raised in Sacramento, Barbero thought she wanted to stay in the Sacramento/Elk Grove area to teach. After stepping foot on the school’s campus and being interviewed, however, she accepted an offer to work at Bear Creek.
“I fell in love with the staff… and the vibe that the school had given me the first time I was on the campus,” Barbero said.
Initially, Barbero attended Sacramento State as a biochemistry major after graduating from high school in 2011. However, in her third year of college, she realized that being a science major was not for her and switched to English because it always came easily to her and was a subject she truly enjoyed.
After switching her major, Barbero stayed at Sacramento State for a year to earn her teaching credential in Secondary Language Arts and student-taught at Florin High School in Elk Grove, where her love for teaching English became apparent to her.
“Through all of this experience, I realized how much I loved teaching English because I could give my students the power to use their words and the awareness to understand just how powerful their words are,” Barbero said.
Her love for English also surfaces in her day-to-day life, as she enjoys spoken-word poetry and reading Young Adult literature.
This year, on top of teaching, Barbero is beginning her two-and-a-half-year Master’s program to earn her Master’s of Arts in Education Language and Literacy. She says being back in school will allow her to connect with her students because they know that she understands what it’s like to be in school.
Barbero says she is grateful to have ended up at the Creek and appreciates the school’s supportive staff.
“Teachers check in on me, say hi to me, and make sure I don’t stay on campus too late, which is a reminder I seem to need all the time!” Barbero said.