Dutch Bros vs Empresso Coffeehouse

Empresso Coffeehouse caters to those who seek a safe haven to study or hang out with friends.

Alisa Aistrup, Feature Editor

The hype surrounding Dutch Bros and Empresso Coffeehouse has led to more than just a few caffeinated debates: which coffeehouse reigns supreme?

Dutch Bros, founded in 1992, prides themselves on their speedy customer service and positive service. They live up to their expectations, as I had less than a minute to look through the menu before an employee walked up to my car and asked what I wanted to order. The employee was friendly, giving us suggestions on beverages. There’s no question as to why Dutch Bros has gained a big fan base within Stockton’s coffee-loving community.

For being primarily a drive-through business, it is bizarre that their physical menu is so small. However, Dutch Bros’ menu is short for good reason: the plentiful amount of flavors offered would overflow a single board. Consumers can visit the business’s website to see all of the different kinds of drinks they have, which is good for those who want to try something new. In fact, a customer could go to Dutch Bros every day and order something completely different from the next — the possibilities are endless. The long, ongoing list of drinks, however, can be pretty overbearing for students who are simply looking for a place to study and have coffee. While Dutch Bros has a larger variety of drinks and their service methods are both innovative and unique, it is not exactly what everyone is looking for.

Empresso Coffeehouse features a more hipster atmosphere. The business caters to those who seek a safe haven to study or find a quaint place to hang out with friends. The prices reflect the amount of food and drink you get. The menu offers a limited number of drinks — including frappes, iced drinks, and espressos — compared to Dutch Bros, but the employees are just as friendly and polite. The quality of the paninis and pizza are exceptional and are definitely worth the money spent.

In the end, Dutch Bros and Empresso are hard to compare, since both serve different purposes. Dutch Bros, is much more of a get-in-and-get-out kind of place, whereas Empresso offers board games such as chess and Jenga to play with, a decent amount of places to sit and is more “go with the flow.” The prices at each place vary depending on what you get and what size of drink you order, so the pricing isn’t comparable.

Empresso is a traditional, aesthetically pleasing coffeehouse where the vibe and the quality of the drinks reign superior, while Dutch Bros wins in the department of variety, service, and speed. For those searching for a coffee shop with multiple options to choose from, Dutch Bros is the place to go. On the other hand, when in need of a place to relax and soothe your caffeine cravings, Empresso is the best choice.

Dutch Bros or Empresso?

“I like Dutch Bros more, but I like the vibe of Empresso more. My favorite drink from Dutch Bros is ‘The Kicker.'” – Junior Michael Thomas

“Dutch Bros is for coffee coffee. The vibe of Empresso is great, but I prefer Dutch Bro’s service better. My favorite drink from Empresso is probably their Twisted Mocha.” – Junior Ethen Smith 

“I’d chose Empresso, they have more of a family vibe to it. I suggest the Chai Tea Latte.” – Lainey Johnson

“Dutch Bros has more variety. My favorite drink is ‘The Caramelizer.'” – Taylor Lemon