Dear Santa: My family uses Liberty Mutual

Lilly Lim, Managing Editor

Dear Santa,
I’m going to be honest Santa; over the past five months, I have grown and changed into someone that I never thought I could be. I am proud of who I have become, but there’s only one thing in my life that I am lacking: a driver’s license.
Two summers ago, I began to work on my online Driver’s Ed class. I finished about half of the program, when my mother curtailed my journey to driving independently.
“You don’t need a license,” she said. “Your sister will be here until you graduate and insurance costs way too much money. Plus, there are statistics that show that most young drivers get into car accidents, and you will not be one of them!”
Now, Santa, I’m not asking for you to finish my Driver’s Ed for me. I’m not asking for you to get me a driver’s license. I’m not even asking for a car. There is only one thing that I can ask for: car insurance. Based off of what my mother had told me, adding me to my family’s car insurance would cost $2,000, and that is definitely a lot of money. Now, I know that it may be costly, but you have magic, so I know that you can find a way to get me that car insurance.
If you can’t get me insurance, then a dog would be acceptable as well — preferably a black pug. Thank you!
Lilly Lim
(P.S. My family uses Liberty Mutual.)