Dear Santa: Bring the rise of Socialism in America


Devyn Inong, Graphics Editor

December 4, 2018
Dear Santa,
It’s December now. The majority of my friends are stressing out about finals, all my family members are worrying about buying gifts, and it seems that the entirety of humanity is focused on spreading the holiday spirit. The oncoming holiday daze also means that Christmas decorations will soon adorn the houses in my neighborhood, and even some of the classrooms of my teachers. However, I wish department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales would just chill with all the Christmas cheer. Don’t get me wrong, Santa, I love singing carols and baking cookies as much as any other guy, but must every single mall in America set up Christmas decorations right after Halloween?! I went to Chicago in the middle of October and the Macy’s has already arranged the holiday displays and played snowy jingles through their speakers! It’s like these stores are trying to convince consumers to buy more presents by giving them an early reminder that Christmas will soon be upon them in two months. Anyways, I truly hope you’ll be able to grant my wish of taming holiday capitalism.
Your dearest friend,
Devyn Inong