Dear Santa: We were on a BREAK


Jasmine Castillo, Opinion Editor

Dear Santa,

Santa this holiday all I want is a break from the chaos. I want a break from the suffering. A break from mothers and fathers and sister and brothers crying with pure agony because of the loss this cruel world provides them with. I am tired of animals being used for their extravagant parts that are simply a leisure to man. I am tired, Santa. I’m tired of having to shut off the television while viewing all the distress of the world. I’m tired of never being listened to because I am simply a sophomore, yet I am expected to keep up to date with all the chaos occuring in our society. I need you to use your holiday magic this year especially, Santa. I am tired of watching schools being targeted. I am tired of second guessing my safety while walking down the street. I am tired of innocent people being persecuted simply because of the pigment they were genetically given. I am tired of protests that result in no action by our government leaders. I am tired of the sickness every one of us deals with, yet no cure is ever found. So please take a break from giving me the newest iphone or nice clothing, because I would much rather have a world where society thinks of others before themselves.