Dear Santa: Halt time for me

Sydney Jasper, Staff Writer

Dear Santa,
This year I have a peculiar request. Every year everything spins so fast I don’t feel like I get time to enjoy just being. My request is for time to slow down. I want you to take the reins and slow time down for a little while. Everyone is always spinning inside their own world worried about copious amounts of problems. I want to not worry, but to be still for a little while and absorb my surroundings. It feels like it is always so loud and crowded. Since stopping time is relatively impossible based on our basic laws of nature, I just ask that you simply slow it down. Since you have the ability to travel forward in time so fast to deliver gifts I assume that you could travel the opposite direction and slow things down a bit. I am not asking for a lot; every year you get people gifts that are not necessary, but this gift would be put to work. It would help me become a better person and a more understanding one. I could have more time to help others and get my own work done without stressing out. Now the one odd problem with this request is time can’t be slowed down for everyone since time is relative, so a couple strings would have to be pulled. Please take this request into consideration and acknowledge how just one simple time tweak for me can be such a great asset. So what do you say, Santa? Time for time to take a halt?
Sydney Jasper