Fall Season Highlights

Jacqueline Guillena, Staff Writer

Mason Price
Track athlete Mason Price, a junior, decided to do something different this season and try out for cross country. Starting a new sport was challenging, but Price said it led to a fun and memorable season.
“I normally run track so it’s shorter distance,” Price said. “A big obstacle I faced was adjusting to running longer distances at a faster pace. Meeting new people and interacting with them was also hard for me.”
Runners usually focus on achieving two goals: beating their personal record time and completing the course. When Price achieved his goal of beating his time, it became an everlasting memory for him.
“My best memory was the last invitational at Frog Town, because I got my best time which was 23:18 and I ran three miles,” Price said. “Also, going to Reno was an unforgettable memory, because I was running in a higher elevation which I wasn’t used to.”
Price said he was able to achieve his goals through hard work, determination, and a positive mindset; because cross country was out of his comfort zone, he worked harder to succeed, resulting in him being at the top of the leaderboards. An unforgettable highlight of Price’s season was winning seventh place at a dual meet between Lodi and Bear Creek and twelfth place at a league meet final at McNair
“What led me to success was never giving up, trying hard every time I ran, and my teammates helped me as well,” Price said.
Looking ahead to next year, he plans to run three miles in under 18 minutes and qualify past subsections.

Karina Fardmanesh
Senior Karina Fardmanesh became interested in playing volleyball when she was in seventh grade and began playing for City League. She then tried out for a travel team in eighth grade and has been playing competitively ever since. As an incoming freshman, Fardmanesh tried out, made the JV team and played at the varsity level for the next three years.
“My favorite moments and memories with my team are the laughter, wins,
making a big come back from a low score in a game and dancing crazy,” Fardmanesh said.
Aside from all of the fun, Fardmanesh faced several challenges during the season.
“Learning to connect and work with new teammates was challenging because it’s a whole different team than last year and no one knows how everyone plays on the court at first,” Fardmanesh said.
Fardmanesh said the team’s greatest win was against Douglas in a tournament. In tournaments, teams only play best two out of three. Bear Creek lost the first set 25-21 but took a six point lead in the second 25-19, resulting in a third game. In the third tie-breaking set, only playing up to 15 points, Bear Creek lost by four points, ending with a score of 15-11.
“The game against Douglas was by far the most unforgettable game because my team was down a good amount of points but we fought hard to catch up and those girls were taller and faster than us so it was a battle competing against them,” Fardmanesh said.
As the girls finished the season undefeated in league, Fardmanesh took in her last few moments she would spend on the court. Although she does not plan to continue to play competitively after high school, Fardmanesh says she’ll continue to play for fun and will cheer on her fellow teammates playing at the next level.