Feeling stressed? Try the ‘slow morning’ trend

Kalani Williams, Staff Writer

Most students admit that their mornings are hectic, stressful and often lead to an unpleasant day. From waking up late to throwing last night’s crumpled homework in their binder, students say one word sums up their morning: rushed.
However, life does not need to be a constant rush 24/7. Allowing oneself a moment to relax throughout the day is recommended, as people need those moments to gather their thoughts and reflect on what they’ve experienced.
Sociologists and psychologists are noticing a trend that could help students get their day off to a better start: slow morning routines. Slow morning routines consist of people taking extra time for themselves, whether it’s having a cup of coffee, relaxing or simply doing nothing at all.
These slow mornings help set a calmer tone for the day. Instead of having a day that is stressful and hectic, a slow morning start can help keep people set priorities throughout the day and reflect on feelings of joy and gratefulness.
Starting the day slowly leads to being able to manage stress better, as students are not anxiety driven to mindlessly attending their to-do list. Slowing down the pace can result in more productivity, and more time to relax in the evening. Benefits to mental health can result when individuals are alone with their thoughts; they are able to think more clear thereby keeping their anxiety and stress at bay.
Research by the Mayo Clinic shows that taking alone time and relaxing can lower blood pressure, decrease stress hormone activity, lower breathing rate and release muscle tension.
To have a slow morning, things have to be planned the night before. Set out clothes for the next day, gather all homework and make lunch if needed.
Having a slow morning has its benefits; not only is there no rush in the morning, but one can relax before starting the long day ahead.