Kryshna Roberts — an expert with a camera

Jacqueline Guillena, Staff Writer

When senior Kryshna Roberts first began editing photos in middle school, she didn’t think her hobby would turn into a lifelong passion for photography, let alone a profitable business.
Roberts is self taught. Before she tried photography, she loved editing pictures by turning low-quality photos into photos that looked professionally done. When she was finally able to get a camera and invest in a portrait lens — a lens that focuses specifically on the subject and blurs out everything else — she experimented until she felt confident in her skills. To this day, she says she still discovers new camera tricks.
“I learned to work with different lighting settings, such as how dark and how light the setting should be depending on how bright the natural lighting is,” Roberts said.
Roberts says she moved on from merely editing photos for fun to serious photography when she received her own equipment and began to edit her photos. Roberts asked her parents for the base part of the camera — the most expensive part — and she received a Nex-6 for Christmas. She immediately began saving money to upgrade to new lenses. As she added to her equipment set, she captured everything she thought was beautiful.
“I love capturing all the beautiful things in life,” Roberts said. “Taking pictures is one thing, but I love that I’m able to freely express myself through the way I work with my photos and editing; it’s always nice to show others my own perspective with the way I see beauty.”
Initially, Roberts began working for free as a photographer to build her portfolio. After she was able to expand her portfolio with enough portraits, she decided to charge a very low fee of $30 for a one hour session unlimited poses and photos, $30 for a one to two minute long short film, or $45 for both; she kept prices low to enable her to work with more people.
“It’s been great ever since I started because I really do learn something from every individual I work with, and it’s only ever helped me better my photography skills,” Roberts said.
Through her work, Roberts has learned that a lot of her clients suffer from insecurities. Roberts asks her clients if there’s anything specific about them that they want her to enhance or any insecurities they have before every photo shoot. Her biggest goal is to capture their beauty earnestly so they can embrace and accept themselves.
“It’s honestly so different seeing yourself from another perspective, and it makes me feel good that my clients get the chance to know how beautiful they look through my eyes and work,” Roberts said.
Roberts says she loves taking portraits and getting good feedback. She also loves knowing that taking photos is not just beneficial for her, but also gives her clients as a confidence boost. The biggest lesson she’s learned through photography is perspective — being able to see something from every view to find the beauty in everything. She plans to continue doing photography for the rest of her life as a hobby while she pursues dentistry as a career.
“Without a doubt, photography is my passion and is definitely something that is and always will be a part of my everyday life,” Roberts said.
Senior Ruby Soun was one of the many clients Roberts has worked with and was very pleased with how her photos turned out.
“I had such a fun experience with Kryshna,” Soun said. “I was happy with the outcome of my photos and seeing the photos of others she worked with always come out beautiful.”