Female phenoms: three varsity players break 1,000-point mark this basketball season

Jonathen Barragan, Staff Writer

Senior Deyliana Lewis was the first.
Lewis, a forward on the women’s basketball team, was the first student to score over 1,000 points during her four year career on Jan. 8, 2019 against Chavez. Although her record was followed by her teammates Sarah Ruiz and Mya Blake the following week, Lewis says her achievement speaks to her passion for the game.
“My mother made me fall in love with the game so I feel as if I owe it to her to continue competing,” Lewis said. “Basketball games also motivate me to get through the school day, just so I can get in the gym.”
Lewis attributes her success to her commitment and dedication to the game.
“Sports make up 75 percent of my life, whether it is playing in tournaments, watching my younger siblings play or even reffing,” Lewis said.
Lewis says her desire to play hard defense, along with the help of her teammates, is what propelled her to make it to the 1,000-point club.
“I had no idea I was the first student to score 1,000 points,” Lewis said. “Scoring has never been my first priority while playing basketball, so the saying ‘defense creates offense’ holds very true for me.”
Lewis credits her success to her teammates and her coaches, Barb and Anthony Matthews, for always supporting her and boosting her confidence.
Lewis says her long-term goal is to leave an impact on her siblings as well as other members of the young basketball community.
“I find it necessary to help guide them, along with many others, in the direction that I’ve been on,” Lewis said.
Lewis says her plans past high school are to major in accounting; one day she would love to own her own accounting business. Although she did not receive scholarship offers, Lewis says she hopes to be a “walk-on”— a term used to describe players who become part of the team without being recruited or offered a scholarship beforehand.