Teacher’s lessons extend far beyond math

‘Our goal is to get stronger’ — Goodwin

Jasmin Prasad, Staff Writer

Math teacher Dave Goodwin has been a critical factor in ensuring that students are able to reach their highest potential in math — specifically in his Integrated 2+ and Integrated 3+ classes.

Goodwin has been teaching for 33 years. He continues to maintain a positive attitude about teaching which has directly affected a lot of his students.
One of the most notable things Goodwin stresses to all his classes is the vigorous drive one should have to improve every aspect of life. His motto — “Our goal is to get stronger.” — is not only written at the top corner of the classroom blackboard, but is also constantly emphasized throughout the school year.

“I don’t know how any life motto comes to fruition,” Goodwin said. “It just evolves.”

He recalled that the motto was made to help others through difficult life experiences where it might be easy to lose hope and give up.

Goodwin says that simple motivational sayings can become a big factor in pushing others to persist through tough situations.

“You figure out what people need to hear and try to consolidate it in a few words in order to make [someone] feel better,” Goodwin said.
Goodwin also stays after school to help many of his students learn the difficult curriculum that he teaches.

“I really care,” Goodwin said.

A lot of the integrated 2+ and 3+ students rely on these afterschool tutoring sessions.

“I’ll definitely go [to tutoring],” Integrated 3+ student Kylan Le said. “I’ll get it in my head so then I have a clear understanding of what we’re learning.”

Goodwin says his proudest teaching achievement was getting all of his students to pass the AP Calculus exam after his first year of teaching calculus.

“I want to see kids do well,” Goodwin said. “I’ll never get hair if they don’t get smart.”

Devyn Inong contributed to this article.