Disney Plus competes with Netflix and Hulu in streaming war

June 16, 2019

Say goodbye to logging onto Netflix and watching “Incredibles 2” in fifth period. The Walt Disney Company has decided to pull all of its content off of the popular streaming service in favor of developing a site of its own — Disney Plus.

Prepared to launch Nov. 12 of this year, Disney Plus is a streaming service similar to Netflix and Hulu. However, unlike its successful predecessors, the highly anticipated service will only feature Disney-related content instead of a wide variety of shows and movies from differing producers. Popular movies like “Avengers: Endgame” and Pixar-animated shorts films known as “SparkShorts” are examples of videos that will soon be exclusive to Disney Plus.

The cost to subscribe to Disney Plus — the cheapest plan being $9 per month — is on par with competitors, as Netflix and Hulu’s cheapest plans are $9 and $8 per month respectively. Disney plans to have a large amount of content readily available once the site opens. All 30 seasons of “The Simpsons,” as well as nearly all movies in the “Star Wars” franchise, will be available to watch when the service launches.

Some students respect Disney’s choice to make its content exclusive only to Disney Plus subscribers.

“All of the Disney movies would be in one place,” junior Maya Peyton said. “Sometimes I want to watch their older series like ‘High School Musical’ on Netflix, but [Netflix] doesn’t have the complete set.”

Other students see the creation of Disney Plus as excessive and lacking in all the benefits that mainstream services already provide.

“[Disney Plus] is a gain for Disney, but affects [consumers] negatively,” sophomore Bobby Nguyen said. “Disney is trying to gain [more] income at the expense of Netflix and other people’s paychecks.”

Nguyen also says that the service — focused primarily on Disney-produced films and shows — will not be as popular as its competitors because of the extra expenses families will have to pay.

“Most adults don’t want to pay for a [service] for their children alone,” Nguyen said. “Netflix [is] great because it has shows for both adults and children.”

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