Voices: Annual naughty or nice list


  • The district for thinking it could impose an unconstitutional social media policy upon its students.


  • McNair high school for trashing our school, calling us “ratchet,” and for losing the football game against us the same night.


  • Miley Cyrus— need we say more?


  • #cut4bieber for making girls slit their wrists in hopes to stop Justin Bieber from smoking marijuana.


  • The word “trop.”


  • Sharkeisha for  skipping her anger management class.


  • Bear Creek students for throwing carrots at other people during lunch.


  • Members of Congress and other government officials responsible for the government shutdown in October, which furloughed 800,000 workers for 16 days, created $2 billion in back pay and cost 120,000 private sector jobs.


  • Whoever stole the taiko drums from the JCKC Club and oil paints from Ms. Eger’s class.


  • TV writers and directors who kill off major characters and leave their fanbases with emotional voids.  R.I.P. Brian Griffin, Hershel Greene, and Clay Morrow.


  • Class of 2014 for losing the powderpuff game for the first time in…. ever.



  • The varsity football team for winning the Homecoming game for the first time in Bear Creek history against Lodi.


  • The cheerleaders for their awesome light show during the Homecoming rally.


  • Musicians with real talent making true music amidst all the decay and synthetic garbage that some say passes for music.


  • The students who helped clean up the campus after students from McNair broke in during the night and trashed the campus.


  • Principal Atterberry for showing that he actually cares about Bear Creek and its students and for understanding the basic tenets of the First Amendment.


  • Female education activist Malala Yousafzai for continuing to serve the world, despite the assassination attempt on her life and recent threats from the Taliban.


  • The students who protested the social media policy for having the bravery to stand up to the board of trustees against violations on students’ rights.


  • Bear Creek coach Kirk Klucznik for being named “The Record’s’’ All-Area Coach of the Year.  And the varsity volleyball girls for making it to play-offs.


  • Mrs. Oesterman and the L.I.F.E. Club for sponsoring a program for the clubs to volunteer and clean up the green spaces on campus.


  • “Grind on me” vines for appealing to teenage girls… and boys.