The World Gone Wild: Childhood actors grow up and grow dumb

Jasmine Santos, Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

Let’s talk tragedies, shall we?  For the slightly older generation, it was when Britney Spears went from that lovable, cute blondie in the Mickey Mouse Club to a sexy, sultry mommy with a mental issue and a habit of introducing herself with “It’s Britney, (insert profanity here).”

For the somewhat older folks in our generation (meaning those born in 1997 or before), it was when Lindsay Lohan went from that spunky, freckled ginger in “The Parent Trap” to the smoking, partying, DUI-ing, rehabilitating “ex-druggie.”  Or when Mary Kate Olsen’s anorexia was exposed to the public.  Or when Jamie Lynn Spears announced she was pregnant at 16.  Or when Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photos were leaked on the Internet.

But more recently, and quite frankly, most oddly, is Miley Cyrus’s drastic change from good girl Miley to bad girl Miley in a matter of months.  Oh, Billy Ray Cyrus’s poor achy-breaky-heart.  Her performance at the 2013 VMA’s with Robin Thicke’s pelvis shocked all, if they hadn’t already been absolutely devastated by her music video “We Can’t Stop.”

Let’s not even go to the more recent “Wrecking Ball” music video.  There is something unnatural about the way she sticks out her tongue… or the way she lies naked on a wrecking ball. Maybe it’s her eyebrows that’s causing all of this odd behavior.

America’s favorite childhood actors and actresses who have become somewhat akin to icons of worship for little children often break away from the mold that their producers or their agency forced them into as kids and become bad examples.

It is understandable that the persona that they were forced to portray isn’t how they are in reality.  But they have to understand that going overboard with individuality is not always a good thing.  They too have responsibilities to society, believe it or not.

They are what children mimic and idolize and dream to become in the future.  A few years ago, when someone’s five year old daughter said, “I wanna be Miley Cyrus when I grow up,” it would have been adorable.  But now, it would just be… disturbing.

Once people are in the spotlight, they are watched continuously.  And though celebrities are only human, and we are all allowed mistakes, they have to understand that their influence on popular culture, on children, even on Earth as we know it, is so large precisely because they are under surveillance 24/7.

I am not saying that child stars should not grow up from their childhood roles, but I am saying that they should be more responsible.

Real talk, Miley:  You CAN stop. You just WON’T stop.  There’s a difference.