PRO: Should students be required to attend rallies?


Alex Bussey, Opinion Editor

Read the CON article by Bailey Kirkeby by clicking here.


Each quarter, Bear Creek’s student government and clubs devote countless hours to prepare and plan rallies. To tell these students that their monumental efforts will go unnoticed by students who choose not to attend rallies is not fair. Imagine it: you’ve spent countless hours perfecting club routines for the rally, but when you run out into the gym, the bleachers are half empty.

Not only do optional rallies disrespect the students involved ​—​ it also creates scheduling issues for teachers and administrators.

If students don’t wish to attend a rally, what do they do? Do they stay in their sixth period, depriving their teachers (many of whom are advisors for performing clubs) of the opportunity to see the rally? Teachers may miss the opportunity to watch their students perform.

Does the school let them go home? In that case, students with early rally would miss important instructional time in their sixth periods, and either way, could use the opportunity to start trouble on and off campus. I can picture it now: students running off to smoke in their cars, in the restrooms on campus or any other place they can find while all the supervision is tied up with the rally.

And speaking of smoking, talk about a perfect time to vandalize the already frequently vandalized Bear Creek restrooms. As administrators and teachers watch the rally without the assurance that students are either in class or safely contained in the gym, trouble is bound to follow in classic Bear Creek fashion: restroom vandalism.

The already repetitive issue would only get worse with hordes of students unaccounted for during rallies.

 Of course, students may have medical conditions that make attending rallies a miserable experience. Surely something could be arranged so that students triggered by large crowds, loud noises or flashing lights do not have to attend rallies. However, for the vast majority of students at Bear Creek, rallies do not present a significant source of danger or discomfort, and should be mandatory.

Logistical issues aside, rallies are a reflection of our school spirit. The entire school comes together to celebrate all our school has to offer. 

For those who feel that rallies are a waste of time, take a second to remember that, at Bear Creek, students support each other. The BRUIN Way is all about creating a positive and uplifting environment for all students, and one of the many ways we lift each other up is by celebrating each other at rallies.

Why would anyone not want to be a part of something as special as that?