Winterfest Rally replaced by month-long celebration of academic success


Kyla Yadao

Hula Hoppin’: Juniors exemplify teamwork in a game at the Homecoming Rally in which they must move through a hula hoop without breaking hands. Due to the limit of one rally per quarter, Bear Creek will not have a Winterfest Rally this year.

Amara Del Prato, Entertainment Editor

Winterfest, a rally intended to honor high-achieving students nominated by their teachers, will not be included amongst this year’s rallies.  The rally’s cancellation came as a surprise to many students, especially because it was the only rally that focused primarily on academics — presumably a district priority.  However, as decided by Principal Hillary Harrell and the district board, Winterfest rally will not be happening this year and will instead be replaced with something new. 

“It’s not that [the rally] has been cancelled, it’s just that it’s been morphed into something else for right now,” English teacher and Student Government advisor Jessica Anderson said.  “We still are having a month of celebrations and working a lot of the things that we did in the rally into the month.” 

These smaller, more frequent events will fully replace the rally, but Anderson says that the cancellation does not show a lack of academic appreciation, as the events will be even more concentrated on academics than before.  The entire month of January 2020 has been deemed “Academic Awareness Month,” and Student Government plans to hold events within the month that will emphasize the academic achievements of Bear Creek Students, just as Winterfest had done in previous years. 

“It’ll be a series of events at lunchtime, [which will include] more recognition of people who are working hard and getting higher GPAs,” Anderson said.  “That month, there will be a spirit week as well, celebrating academic [success].” 

Winterfest Rally’s main issue was its preparation time, which Anderson says consumed class time for the students in Student Government class. 

“We usually start planning about one to one and a half months before the rally because we need time to do posters, emcee and national anthem auditions and figuring out decorations and spirit days for the theme,” ASB Commissioner of Activities Annabella Nguyen said. 

“It’s about timing,” Anderson said.  “You’ve got a rally in each quarter.  To add in Winterfest, now you’ve got this extra rally, and in order to do rallies, you have to carve time out of classes.” 

Students will still perform their highly-anticipated organized dances and participate in activities similar to those of Winterfest. 

“We’re still having celebrations, we’re still doing all the same things, we’re just not having an actual rally,” Anderson said. 

Nonetheless, students still mourn the loss of the rally. 

“I definitely think that the class will be relieved from having to prepare for one less rally, but I know that [Student Government is] still upset about not having Winterfest,” Nguyen said.