Varsity girls’ volleyball team makes it to playoffs

Jessica Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

After countless hours of sweat and practice, the Bruin girls’ varsity volleyball team finally met their ultimate goal of making it to playoffs for the first time since 2003.

“I knew my team was going to go far this season,” junior Ella Egonio said. “There was no doubt. This was one of the strongest teams I’ve been a part of.”

The girls ended the season successfully with an overall record of 21-11. After beating the Lodi Flames 3-2 in a tiebreaker game, the team was set to compete in the playoffs.

“When we got the winning point our whole team ran to the crowd,” Egonio said. “It was such an amazing feeling! Most of our girls cried because after 10 years, we made it happen.”

Team members say they were able to achieve their goal by coming together as a team and  focusing on every game.

“I think it was a mixture of players stepping up, pushing themselves and wanting to meet their goals,” coach Kirk Klucznik said.

Senior Alexandria Alcantara added that “practices were a little more serious.”

“We had stronger skills and better ball control,” Alcantara said.  “This year we were more of a team. We pushed each other more and more.”

On November 7, the girls played their first playoff game against Beyer High School from Modesto and ended with a successful win.

“I was nervous but I knew I had to relax,” Alcantara said. “I tried not to think of it as a playoff game but as a regular game instead; otherwise I’d choke.”

On the playoff brackets, the Bruin girls were ranked 15 out of 18 competing teams. They played their second playoff game on November 12 against Rocklin High School, a rank 2 team.

The team lost 0-3 with each match being a close game.

“We still played our hardest even though we did lose,” Alcantara said referring to the match against Rocklin.

Despite these losses, the team ended the season on a positive note.

“I”m proud of them,” Klucznik said. “They were a great class of seniors and juniors. They all had their differences but they  came together as a team.”