Coach Kirk Klucznik earns All-Area Coach of the Year

Jessica Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

With the Bear Creek varsity girls’ volleyball team making it to the playoffs, varsity coach Kirk Klucznik was also named for “The Record’s” All-Area Coach of the Year.

Klucznik says he focused on building a strong foundation of unity among the team, believing that strengthening the bonds between teammates would bring the girls more success during the season.

“It’s a team concept,” Klucznik said. “It’s a built-in support system. You go further as a team.”

Klucznik texted inspirational quotations to the girls throughout the season, motivating them to work and play harder.

“I made it their homework to come up with their own [quotations] and share it with each other,” Klucznik said.

Klucznik said that he was motivated to get the best out of his players because it would be their last time playing in the same league.

“There’s a new league next year that we’re playing in,” Klucznik said. “I wanted to try to make playoffs in this league and finish off strong.”

This year, Klucznik emphasized the importance of  unity and teamwork. With a new and positive outlook, the team worked hard and was victorious: they achieved their goal of making it to the playoffs.

“It makes it more enjoyable to win as a team,” Klucznik said.