Tiramisu donut? Our ACE train adventures

Nathan To and Adan Banks

8:40 — The Beginning:

We boarded the train from downtown Stockton station; they didn’t check our tickets until we had already been on the train for about an hour, which was very confusing. We arrived at the Fremont Station at 10:20 after a long and bumpy and creaky ride.


10:30 — High Hopes:

We found a coffee and donut shop called Bun Appétit a short walk from the station, so we tried it out for breakfast. The inside was chic and modern, and there was a wide variety of specialty donuts and coffee to choose from. Have you ever had a tiramisu donut? They were a bit high priced ($6 for a donut), but the quality matched. We had high hopes for the city already!


11:00 — A Glimpse of Chaos:

After leaving Bun Appétit, we wandered a bit farther down the road, where we were approached by a homeless woman who spoke to us about the wonders of socialism, her supposedly famous grandpa and diabetes. We were scared for our safety. Once we escaped from the encounter, we decided we needed a plan on where to go. A quick search on Yelp revealed an interesting store nearby: Dhoom Indian Apparel and Fashion on Eggers Drive. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the store, we found nothing but a house with a small sign that read “Ghoom Indian Apparel, Appointment Only.” We knew we were Dhoomed.


12:00 — The Hub:

Defeated by the previous letdown, we walked to a more bustling downtown location, a major shopping center called the Fremont Hub. There we found an empty plaza and empty stores and empty parking lots. Rather parched from the walk, we decided to try out a tea and smoothie shop called Q-Cup. People typically don’t enjoy drinking pure sweetener — especially us — so we wouldn’t recommend their refreshments. After getting our drinks, we searched around the Fremont Hub for interesting stores. Daiso is basically Target if Target was a Japanese retail store in Japan. Fashion Plaza was a cheap woman’s hand-me-down store. But there were some great deals at the Halloween store!


1:00 — Long Walks and Let- Downs:

We left the Fremont Hub, and after a bit of walking, we found a unique store: Bharat Indian Market. A sign outside said “Voted best Indian Market of 2019,” so of course, we had to look inside. Walking in, the fragrant scent of Indian food wafted into our noses, and we gazed around to see more spices in one place than we had ever seen in our entire lives. But we didn’t need any Indian food, so we left after a quick walk around the market.


2:00 — Tea Shop Stop:

Checking back on Yelp for somewhere interesting to go, we found a Japanese Garden just over a mile from where we were, so we went on another grueling journey to reach the Shinn Historic Park. Here we found a few trees in a lot that was about 100 feet long and 50 feet wide, and we were disappointed, to say the least. To remedy our dismay, we decided to get more food, so we walked to another tea shop (there were a lot of them) with an intriguing name: A Sack of Potatoes. We enjoyed fresh fruit tea and curly fries with bacon there. The food and drinks were actually quite nice for a change and motivated us to continue our journey.


3:00 — Despair:

With over an hour until the train arrived and our minds and bodies actively collapsing, we desperately searched for something interesting to do. Our first stop was Dale’s Hardware Store because it was close by and had the most active parking lot of any of the nearby centers. We rearranged the names of the paint chips and tied nooses out of the heavy-duty rope. Ten minutes later, when we stopped laughing, we realized we needed to get out and explore something unique to the city. So we stopped by the Centerville Pioneer Cemetery and admired the grave of Herman Eggers.


4:20 — Relief:

We walked back to the station and got onto the train back to Stockton, relieved to be able to sit. After trying to fall asleep over the frighteningly loud noises of the train, we arrived back in Stockton at 6:00, finally ending our long day of walking, eating, and disappointment.