BC lacks consistent college guidance

Life after high school becomes a significant question for students as they progress through their four years at Bear Creek. One of the most commonly discussed routes to take is college. How- ever, at Bear Creek, a lack of guidance leaves some students shut out of the college application game.

Before students sign up for their classes for the next school year, counselors visit social science classes for a day to discuss scheduling. After a brief review of graduation and A-G requirements, students log into their Naviance college and career guidance accounts, which are never seen again unless they are in the AVID program — and that’s about as much college guidance students are consistently provided.

Counselors heavily encourage students to use Naviance but provide no navigation through the program.

Sophomores are called into the counseling office each fall for a whopping 20 minutes to discuss grades and future classes with counselors and parents. This meeting includes an infodump of papers from various colleges that is marginally helpful at best.

When juniors plan their senior class- es, they’re given a packet of resources and guidelines for getting into college. Part of the packet consists of checklists of what they should have done each year of high school — when it’s too late. The rest of the packet consists of the A-G requirements.

Getting into college is one thing; completing a college application is its own beast.

While some teachers try to show students helpful websites or resources, it’s not their primary job to guide students through college applications. Moreover, due to the briefness of the guidance, many students typically forget the information by the next class period.

With millions of resources at the tips of their fingers, students may be so overwhelmed that they don’t know where to begin. Bear Creek provides numerous resources, but students are unaware of most of them; some students only know the College and Career Center as another place to check out library books. Counselors are available for questions, but many students don’t even know what they need help with so they can’t formulate a reason to meet with their counselor.

Getting into college is one thing; completing a college application is its own beast.