Want to play the violin? Watch a video

John Wei, Managing & Graphics Editor

An empty coffee can, some ice, a small electric fan and some batteries are all that is needed to make a portable cooler for the summer—according to Kip Kedersha, a DIY guru on Youtube.

From cooking to makeup to electronic crafts, people can find multitudes of tutorials on how to make or do their subject of interest on the site. Popular channels such as Howcast, MichellePhan, and Cooking With Dog provide hands-on, step-by-step instruction for curious viewers.

“[The videos] are interesting to watch and useful too,” junior Teresa Gapasin said. “I like to watch Michelle Phan’s channel every once in a while.”

Though most time on YouTube is spent browsing music and looking for cute or funny videos, DIY videos are watched by curious students looking to learn new tricks and get some entertainment in the process.

“I watch [DIY videos] pretty frequently,” senior Benito Ornelas-Pelaez said. “They are informative, free and usually reliable. YouTube is a fountain of information with a convenient search button.”

“I usually search for the videos,” sophomore Austin Evans said. “I watch about 10 to 30 minutes—the most informative video was on how to tie a tie.”

In addition to being informative, many of these videos also provide interesting and novel entertainment to keep the viewer watching.

The channel Cooking With Dog features cooking videos narrated by Francis, a gray toy poodle that sits and watches as the the chef creates a wide variety of western and Japanese cuisines. Other channels, such as Kedersha’s channel Kipkay, use crude humor and witty remarks to keep viewers entertained, as well as offering giveaways to loyal subscribers.

Some channels act as a port for other sites and organizations. Howcast and expertvillage are examples of such channels—they offer videos on almost anything imaginable, from activities such as how to prepare for Thanksgiving mayhem or how to beatbox, to more serious matters, such as how to quit smoking or ask for help when contemplating suicide.

The Internet allows for quick, widespread dissemination of information, of which how-tos are becoming more and more common. YouTube is at the forefront of this spreading of information, providing people with quick, easy access to usually accurate sources.