Student who almost got in car that crashed reflects on experience

Bailey Kirkeby, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After the devastating car crash that took the lives of one Bear Creek student and one Delta Sierra Middle School student and injured others, many students were mourning their deaths while simultaneously being grateful that they were not involved.  Junior Persafany Lana, however, almost got in the car that eventually crashed.

Lana says that her friends invited her to hang out at the park, but the plans changed.

“Instead of staying at the park just to hang out, they were gonna go pick up more people and go to the docks,” Lana said.

Although she initially agreed to go, Lana backed out last minute.

“I didn’t really know everybody so I didn’t want to be involved and my boyfriend wouldn’t let me go,” Lana said.

When she heard about the accident, Lana was glad she chose not to be in the car.  Now, her perspective on life has changed after being so close to being part of the tragic incident.

“I feel like every little decision counts now,” Lana said.  “One little decision now is a life or death situation.”

Initial reports stated that the driver of the vehicle didn’t have a driver’s license, which Lana didn’t know.  Students also expressed concern when videos of the driver smoking and making TikToks in the hospital surfaced.

“It makes me angry because it feels like she doesn’t care that she killed those two people or that she damaged people’s lives forever,” Lana said.

The driver, who is 17, could be tried as an adult for manslaughter.

“I know she’s just sitting at home doing nothing and not caring that she killed people,” Lana said. “Not caring that  she injured people.  Not caring that she gave people PTSD for that.”