Clubs adjust to rule changes for International Rally

Floating Angels: Swing Club seniors Joshua Rivera and Angelo Yuw (left to right) lift their partners in a move called “Angel Variation” as they prepare for International Rally.

Lilly Lim

Floating Angels: Swing Club seniors Joshua Rivera and Angelo Yuw (left to right) lift their partners in a move called “Angel Variation” as they prepare for International Rally.

Jason Aquino, Staff Writer

International Rally, an event dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the diverse cultures at Bear Creek, is the pinnacle for all cultural clubs.  But after last year’s performances were plagued by a string of problems, including long lines, overflowing seating and zero parking spots during the evening, performance changes have been made for this year’s rally scheduled for February 28.

In the past, International Rally was open admission with ticket sales held at the door.  However, with last year’s overwhelming crowd and overflowing lines, ticket clerks were unable to keep track of sales, which led to seats being placed on the gym floor.  To address this problem, all tickets must now be purchased at least one day before the performance.

“For both the 5:30 and 8:30 night rallies, all tickets will be sold as pre-sale, meaning no ticket purchases at the door,” senior Ethan McLaughlin, ASB Vice President, said.  “[ASB] will start selling tickets a couple weeks in advance.”

The night rally times have also been changed to even out the attendance between the rallies.  Last year’s second night rally saw almost double the attendance of the first night rally.

To allow time for each club to present, the performance time has changed from three minutes and thirty seconds to just under three minutes.

“Each club will have a maximum of two minutes and forty-five seconds to perform, and this includes entering and exiting the gym floor,” McLaughlin said.  “This is to be able to fit all clubs in the rallies so everyone has the same amount of performance time.”

The new time restrictions, along with all new policy changes, were announced in a club council meeting held by ASB and ASB Advisor Jessica Anderson in January — months after some clubs had already chosen their music and choreographed their routines.

“When we were told all the policy changes, especially the one about performance time, [Kababayan Club and Swing Club] felt stuck,” junior Elliot Fry, council member for both Kaba and Swing said.  “For both of my clubs, our choreo and mix were set to three and a half minutes.”

Another change to the upcoming rally is the number of clubs performing.  Newly established clubs such as Mecha and Country Club will be added to the list of performing groups.  Another new performance featured in this year’s rally is Film Club’s presentation of the rally through a livestream for participants to watch in the cafeteria.

Creek Crazies, a mascot club for Bruins to support games and events, petitioned to join this year’s International Rally but was turned down by ASB.

“[ASB] wanted to focus on having clubs expressing their cultural practices that makes each of them unique during the rally, and with Creek Crazies not being a cultural club, it would’ve been unfair to the clubs actually in the rally,” senior Lilly Lim, ASB Treasurer, said.

Another change for clubs performing in this year’s rally affects how clubs can pay for and be reimbursed for any materials purchased.  Unlike prior years, the district now requires ASB to fund all club purchases with money raised during fundraisers and other events. Also being required to buy through ASB, clubs are restricted to only purchasing domestic products.

“Because of state policies, we enforced that all clubs must buy their materials through ASB,” Lim said.  “Not only is it to avoid embezzlement, but it’s also so clubs that need financial support are provided with that.”

Many clubs are planning accordingly and making students’ payments for costumes and other accessories due earlier in order to receive their purchases on time.  Swing Club has already collected their $30 fees to buy their costumes for each club member; Kababayan Club has also received all of their club member fees so that they can purchase their Tinikling sticks from Little Manila, located in South Stockton.

“Even though all the new changes made [clubs] panic with stress, I can say that all clubs are still excited to show out and perform, especially after the out turn from last year,” senior Vincent Ferrer, Kababayan Club President, said.