Profile on the creator of ‘The Ruin Voice’: Justin Tualla


Bailey Kirkeby, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In fall 2019, the Ruin Voice, a parody of the Bruin Voice, published its first issue.  The Ruin Voice, created by senior Justin Tualla, covers topics such as Bear Creek’s never-ending bathroom issues and the death of Anime Club.

Tualla says he created the “Ruin Voice” after realizing how many comical things occur at Bear Creek.

“I was reading the school newspaper one time, and I was like, ‘There’s so much that happens at the school, and I feel like someone should say something about the fights that happen,’ so that’s what I did,” Tualla said.

Fortunately, Tualla’s inspiration did not stem from believing that there was a lack of reporting by the school newspaper; he simply felt that the fights were funny.  In fact, he revealed that he likes the “Bruin Voice.”

“It’s pretty cool, I’m not gonna lie,” Tualla said.  “The naughty or nice list was pretty funny. For the second issue of the ‘Ruin Voice,’ actually, I was supposed to [include] a parody of the naughty or nice list, but I ran out of ink.”

Tualla’s process for creating the “Ruin Voice” begins with coming up with story ideas.

“I think about the dumb stuff that happens,” Tualla said.  “For the third issue… I said something about how right in the front of the school, there’s a golf ball embedded in the ground… There’s been a lack of fights recently, so at this point, [I write about] the dumb stuff that people laugh at.”

After finishing the “Ruin Voice,” which Tualla says takes about a day, he prints them at his house.  He typically prints around 20 with slight quantity variations depending on how much ink he has. Finally, he distributes the issue around campus.

“If you find [the Ruin Voice] randomly sitting on desks, that’s because that’s how it gets around,” Tualla said.  “I leave them on desks in random classes and it gets passed around in the bathrooms a lot, too.”

So far, Tualla hasn’t received any negative feedback on the “Ruin Voice” from students and says some teachers like it, too.