Rapper Viincent draws inspiration from Bryson Tiller and J. Cole

Grace Gremel, Staff Writer

As rap progressively becomes more mainstream due to more people taking a liking to the strong bass and flowing rhythm, many individuals dream of pursuing rap in the big leagues — but the grueling process to get to the top can seem insurmountable. Senior Vincent Ferrer is a hip hop/R&B SoundCloud rapper, who has released five tracks so far and plans to pursue rap as a career.

“Ever since middle school, I always rapped,” Ferrer said. “I always liked the flow of rap, the lyrics and how the beat felt. Every detail about rap fascinated me. Then my friend and I, freshman year, started doing covers. Then in my junior year, I was like, you know what, I’m going to just record a song and see how it goes.”

When Ferrer first posted the song “Like Me” to SoundCloud, his friends started sharing it to Instagram. After a month, the song had a 1,000 plays and 80 likes. Now, the song is at 165 likes and has been played over 9,000 times.

“Being able to put your mind somewhere else and creating music, really creates art,” Ferrer said.

Ferrer has now posted three songs that he has collaborated on as well as two original songs to SoundCloud, all of which can be found on his SoundCloud profile Viincent.

“Right now I think rap is a hobby, but I for sure want to do something with music for a career,” Ferrer said. “I just have faith in God for what he has in store with me. I’ve let my friends and family know I really wanna do something with rap. I wanna put Stockton on the map and do this for everybody.”

Ferrer says his inspirations are J. Cole and Bryson Tiller, as well as a plethora of underground rappers. Ferrer finds he relates best to the artists who inspire him with their lyrics since they express a multitude of feelings so vividly through song. Ferrer says one of the reasons so many people listen to rap is that when someone has a mindset where they feel alone, listening to a song and relating to it helps make them feel less alone.

Listening to J. Cole and Tiller motivates Ferrer to write lyrics about his own feelings.

“I always want to write more lyrics,” Ferrer said. “I always want to keep writing because it puts me in a different world. You put your mind off everything, focus on you and write what has happened to you and how you’re feeling.”

Ferrer focuses on using a new and distinct style that stays true to himself.

“My music has a very R&B base to it and mixes R&B with a trap style,” Ferrer said. “To me, a lot of artists trying to rap are heavily influenced by the mainstream artists. You have to put your own taste or spin on your music because it makes you feel authentic. If you’re just copying the same thing it makes you feel like you’re trying to be that person, instead of making your own legacy.”

Ferrer has learned the hard way that to get to the top, people have to network to make it.

“People assume that rappers with few followers aren’t good, so people don’t give them a chance since they live up to the stigma that, ‘Oh, he’s big, that means he has good music,’” Ferrer said. “I feel like everybody should be given a chance. People should listen to underground rappers tunes and see what they got.”