‘The Rise of Skywalker’ proves to be subpar finale

Michael Thomas, Managing Editor

The third Star Wars Trilogy came to an epically underwhelming and disappointing finale with the “The Rise of Skywalker.” For movie fans, this film was simply not good. For Star Wars fans, it was just horrible.

“Skywalker” is now the lowest rated Star Wars film ever with 52% on the Rotten Tomatoes review site, which is even lower than the dreaded “Phantom Menace,” which has 53% — and “Skywalker” deserves that spot. This film is a true testament to what happens when a production company possesses absolutely no creativity or imagination but instead relies on cheap fan service and unoriginal plot twists.

The most recent film — and the entire sequel trilogy, for that matter — did nothing to build on the Star Wars Universe. The prequels, as poorly made as they may have been, attempted to take a new spin on Star Wars by interweaving politics and feeding viewers the unique world of the Republic. Meanwhile, the sequels went a different route: a near-identical remake of the original trilogy — the same world we’ve already seen with the same plot we all knew.

Every decision made in “The Rise of Skywalker” felt carefully considered by a board of fan-focused, money-mongering Disney executives desperately trying to convince more people this film was in any way good. There is absolutely nothing in this movie that adds to the Star Wars series nor anything that builds on the previous two sequel films.

This movie makes me question whether J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio, the film’s writers, have ever actually seen a Star Wars movie.

As a movie, detached from all previous films, the pacing was uneven and characters like Chewy just don’t feel necessary. But as a Star Wars movie, it made me cringe in my seat. “Skywalker” ignores Anakin Skywalker’s Legacyasthechosenone — essentially disregarding the previous six films — and revives Palpatine with no explanation or justification. That being said, the film’s production was executed with the usual Disney expertise: “Skywalker” was nominated for three Academy Awards, Best Sound Mixing, Best Visual Effect and Best Score. Unique visual effects and iconic scores are a large part of what makes Star Wars Star Wars. However, the production could only do so much to distract from an unsubstantiated plot.

Overall, the “The Rise of Skywalker” was well constructed and had that fast pace Star Wars adventurous feel but failed at every turn to build on the universe or even continue upon the existing series, instead electing to reshoot the original trilogy despite the consequences on the existing storyline.