Girls basketball hopes to live up to the success of last year’s team


Lilly Lim

And One!: After being fouled, junior Leila Powers shoots a free-throw in a game against Franklin on January 21. As she shoots, Bear Creek players run toward the hoop to get the rebound. Bear Creek won 56-25.

Lilly Lim, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In the 2018-2019 winter season, the girls basketball team made history. From seniors Deyliana Lewis and Sarah Ruiz and sophomore Mya Blake each scoring over 1,000 points to the team qualifying for State Regional Finals, this year’s varsity team has some big shoes to fill.

“We lost a lot of players last year, which means there are a lot of new faces,” junior Andraya Perez said. “We need to get comfortable with each other, learn the system [and] get better on both ends of the court.”

No doubt, the team is feel- ing the pressure to measure up to its past success.

“A lot of people are doubting our team, because we are younger or… not as good, and we are working hard to prove to them that they’re wrong,” junior Leila Powers said.

Perez says that everyone is a star player, each playing her part that contributes to the team effort.

“Each role is important, whether it’s cheering on the bench, hitting shots, playing defense, knowing the plays, getting rebounds or getting steals — every person pitches in for the bigger picture,” Perez said.

Last year Coach Anthony Matthews led the team to the State Regional Finals. How- ever, when a varsity basketball coaching job opened at Lincoln High School, Matthews left and was replaced by new head coach Eli- za Dy.

“Compared to my past coaches, Coach Dy has gone through great lengths to ensure that we’re all well-rounded student-athletes,” senior Darylle Lucero said. “She has done so many great things for us — things that I feel other coaches would never even consider doing.”

Despite the expectations set for this year’s girls basketball team, Perez says she just wants to make this season count.

“I want to see my team grow,” Perez said. “I want to make every game count, whether it’s a blowout or not. I want to be able to work hard, get better, but still have fun with my team at the same time.”

As of January 28, the girls basketball team has an overall record of 11-9 and a league record of 2-2. The team’s next game is on February 4 against Stagg High School at Stagg.