Dear Santa, make Covid go away


Gabriella Backus

Illustration by Gabriella Backus

Micaela Lopez

Dear Santa, 

Do you remember when I was seven years old and asked for one of those flying fairies? Do you remember when I was nine and I wanted a puppy really badly? Lastly, do you remember two years ago when I was twelve and I asked for roller skates and a camera? Well Santa I will tell you, what I will be asking of you this year will not be anything like the rest. I do have two requests for you but I’ll try to keep it short and get to the point. I would absolutely love you Santa if you could just snap your magical fingers and make this Covid go away. Secondly I would love to travel a lot in 2021. I will of course help a little in the matter by making the money to get me there, but could you get me my passport and make sure everything goes well? Make sure everyone is being nice to each other on the trips and not ruin anything and if they do just put them straight on the naughty list. Out of all that I have said I would like the first one more because there is no point in traveling if everything is going to be closed because of Covid.

Thank you,

Micaela Lopez